30 May - 01 June, 2018 | Royce Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

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The 9th Annual SCADA Australia Summit 2018 is returning on the 30th - 31st May 2018 focussing on re-designing the SCADA culture, proactive cyber and operational risk management and implementation of new approaches to better prepare for the future. This is your ch ...

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Developing an Emergency Response Plan and Improving Systems to minimise risk

Ahead of SCADA 2017 we chat to Tasnim Abdel-Razaq, Network Control Manager at SA Power Networks. In September 2016 South Australia experienced a severe storm that lead to a statewide blackout which impacted over 1.7 million people (the population of South Australia). Tasnim shares with us SA Power N ...

Insights with Shell QGC: Understanding and Building Resilience to Cyber Security Threats

Ahead of the SCADA Summit 2018 we chat to Jason Schurmann, Process Control Domain Security Expert and Technical Authority for the AU/NZ region at Shell QGC, one of Australia's leading natural gas producers.

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SCADA innovation: How to test relays without blacking out the zone substation

The utilities sector is moving towards smart grid technology – a shift that reflects the rapid advances in technical capacity for SCADA systems. Victoria University (VU) in Melbourne will become a cornerstone for integrating smart grid technology into Australia’s electricity supply market, with the development of one of the world’s...

Hack Attack: Intelligent Defence for SCADA

Ahead of SCADA 2017 we chat to Dr. Elena Sitnikova, Critical Infrastructure Protection Research Leader at the Australian Centre for Cyber Security.Elena discusses the risks automation poses to SCADA legacy systems and  highlights the points on internet of things (IoT) for industrial systems.  She describes a shifting focus to cyber-physical...

Applying IoT to the Water Industry: A Case Study

In this presentation from the SCADA Australia Summit in 2017, Jim Baker, SCADA Acquisition Manager, WA Water Corporation discusses tater industry protocols such as DNP3 and WITS. This presentation will cover:Why has WITS decided to focus on IoT?WITS IoT?A discussion of the benefits and challenges of WITS-IoT versus WITS-DNP3

The Necessity of Protecting SCADA Networks

In this presentation from SCADA Australia 2017, Dr Elena Sitnikova, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Research Leader, Australian Centre for Cyber Security will look at:Understanding where network interdependencies create the most vulnerabilitiesOperating SCADA under the assumption that it is insecure and continuing under this persistent threatUsing computational intelligence to mend the internet’s underlying insecurity and thus making it safer for SCADA to...

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Creating Business-wide Efficiencies by Utilising Virtual Tags to Extract Additional Value from Archived Data

Ahead of the SCADA Summit 2018 we chat to Dr. Peter Prevos, Manager of Data Science at Coliban Water. In this article Peter chats to us about Coliban Water’s newly developed virtual tag system. These tags extract, analyse and report on data available through SCADA, providing Coliban Water with a...

Strategically Managing, Protecting and Upgrading Australia’s Largest Water SCADA Network

Ahead of the SCADA Summit 2018 we chat to Mike Wassell, Operational Technology Services Manager at Sydney Water. In this article Mike discusses some of the challenges affecting modern SCADA operations and delves into the technologies and innovations Sydney Water is utilising to help build resilience and secure SCADA networks...