30 May - 01 June, 2018 | Royce Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

David Bowerman

General Manager Electrical & SCADA Engineering
Hunter H2O

9:55 AM CASE STUDY: Embracing the Merge between SCADA and IIoT to Better Prepare for Industry 4.0 at Hunter H2O

Industry 4.0 encompasses the digitalisation of the horizontal and vertical value chains focusing on improving customer experience, increase speed and reducing costs. With the world becoming increasingly connected, it is estimated that a total of 200 billion devices will be connected by 2020. Now the most commonly asked question in the industry is; Will IIoT replace SCADA and can the two concepts be integrated? This session will explore:

  • Understanding the concept behind IIoT for better integration into SCADA systems
  • How to successfully migrate from a legacy automation environment to an IIoT environment to take SCADA into the future
  • How to implement strategies to effectively allow IIoT to maximise SCADA efficiency
  • How to gain accurate data with IIoT and SCADA convergence

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining David.

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