30 May - 01 June, 2018 | Royce Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Greg Burgio

Senior Project Manager
Hunter H2O

2:50 PM CASE STUDY: Implementing Strategies with Hunter H20 to Respond to Generational Change in the SCADA Industry in Order to Optimise Talent Growth

The changing landscape of SCADA requires new talent that can essentially transition SCADA without difficulty. However in order for this to happen, there is a definite need for industries to be open to change and new talent. Although difficult at first, a new generation of SCADA engineers can bring about increased technological efficiency resulting to new business opportunities. In this session Greg will discuss:

  • Creating opportunities for new talent to enter the industry to optimise talent growth
  • Assessing the types of skills the future generation will bring to the future of SCADA
  • Initiate applications and methods to increase awareness of the SCADA culture in order to retain new talent

11:40 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: The Future of SCADA – The Next Generation of SCADA Technology

To understand and anticipate the future of SCADA, it is important to perceive the next-generation design. This will shape the application of all automation and control systems and as such take SCADA technology to its peak. This panel discussion will bring experts together to explore and discuss the following:

  • Understanding the benefits of the IIoT and what this means for the future of automation and SCADA
  • How to develop strategies to achieve the dream of integrating SCADA systems with the full extent of operators’ monitoring networks
  • Analysing current and future trends of the SCADA industry and where it will potentially lead to, thus achieving maximum efficiency and productivity

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Greg.

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