30 May - 01 June, 2018 | Royce Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Jignesh Kapadia

Technical Specialist 3, Control Systems Engineer
Transport Authority Expert

4:40 PM CASE STUDY: Implementing Operational and Technical Changes to Enhance System Stability and Security

Cyber security tests are extremely essential as industries are facing intensifying cyber security risks. Regular maintenance of SCADA hardware and software is necessary for enhanced function to occur. However, there still are hurdles when attempting to make operational and technical changes. Studies show that in over 20 sites there was an average of 36% of incidents which comprised of degradation and failures in equipment. By not having the right approach to maintenance, SCADA security is compromised therefore putting SCADA systems in a more vulnerable position. In this session Jignesh will examine:

  • How to identify critical vulnerabilities in an existing third party and proprietary control systems solutions to avoid future disasters
  • Exploring common security certification test platforms and tools for performing tests such as device service scanning, network flood vulnerability scanning and protocol fuzzing
  • Encouraging a ‘detect and mitigate’ culture across the industry to enhance control system and operations environment safety
  • Embedding security into infrastructure to employ a rigorous approach to strengthen SCADA security

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