30 May - 01 June, 2018 | Royce Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Vlatko Cuculoski

SCADA Capability Manager
Water Corporation Western Australia

5:00 PM CASE STUDY: How Water Corporation Manages Obsolescence of SCADA Assets to Increase Technological Efficiency

The main driver for renewal and replacement of SCADA assets, tools and software platforms is Obsolescence. The industry standard expected lifecycle of OIC assets is approximately 15 years before it becomes redundant and no longer supportable. However by using appropriate planned renewal and replacement strategies and by accepting the idea of increased risk of failure, asset life can be stretched to 20 years. A business opportunity can be missed when your system is not advanced which can result in direct losses. It must be frequently developed to reflect the additional demands of business processes and workflows. In this session Vlatko will examine:

  • Implementing different approaches to develop strategies to replace obsolescent assets
  • How to gain traction and influence from executive level management to increase regular updates and upgrades
  • Understanding how longer range strategic business changes can effect the composition and functionality of SCADA systems and how this should be considered when developing SCADA upgrade and modification plans

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